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In Ovanåkers kommun, there are seven primary schools; two secondary schools (in Alfta and in Edsbyn); and 1 gymnasium (in Edsbyn).

When the child is 4 years old, the municipality offer a place at a pre-school, for 15h per week.

In general, children start primary school at the age of 6 or 7. It is possible to let the child start one year earlier if the parents wish so. The nine years of primary and secondary school is compulsory. Primary school last for six years, up to the age of 13, and secondary school for another three years.

After secondary school, the student can continue to a three-year gymnasium, where the student concentrate on subjects for either work and/or university studies. The gymnasium in Edsbyn, Voxnadalens Gymnasium, is well renowned for its modern facilities, study rooms, and high profile education. The percentage of students that qualify for further education is higher than the national average.

Swedish language courses
The Swedish for Immigrants courses are held on the grounds of Voxnadalens gymnasium.

Adult education
The Adult Education Centre provides opportunities for adult learners (above the age of 20) to concentrate on subjects for future university studies, or to regain knowledge missing from school and gymnasium.

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